Co-ordinating Puddle/s

MARIA GALEA maria.azzopardi at UM.EDU.MT
Fri Jul 6 21:35:33 UTC 2012

Hi Steve,
If it's a faster way to work than manually copying each file - than maybe
i should give it a try...
there are only a few files in the Dictionary that i would like to copy
into the Literature and then quite a large number of files in the personal
puddle that i also would like to copy into the Literature..

Mainly what i'm after is to have all the literature files in the
literature puddle so that i can use the tool that shows symbol frequencies
and that way i'll have the symbols for LSM that have been used in
literature so far..

i don't need to add or remove anything to and from the other puddles - it
all concerns the literature one..

when can i try to work this out?
thanks a lot!

> On 7/4/12 4:24 AM, MARIA GALEA wrote:
>> Hi Steve and the List,
>> For Maltese Sign Language we have 3 Puddles that have been used - the
>> Literature, the Dictionary and the Private Puddle.
>> I would like to organize the entries so I would like to move things to
>> and
>> from these different Puddles. Is there any way I can do this fast
>> without
>> having to open each separate entry and copying it into another Puddle
>> and
>> then deleting it..?
>> Thanks!
>> maria
> Hi Maria,
> The best option I can think of would be to download and edit the XML
> files directly.  If you downloaded each puddle's XML file, you could use
> a text editor to quickly copy and paste entries between the XML documents.
> The biggest problem would be that each entry in a puddle must have a
> unique ID number.  If you copied entries from one puddle to another, you
> would have to make sure the IDs were unique.  Looking at 2 of the Malta
> puddles, it looks like all of the IDs are less that 1,000.  So to copy
> an entry from one puddle to the other, the safest way would be to add
> 1,000 to the ID numbers.
> Here is an example:
> <entry id="2" cdt="1208941776" mdt="1208941776" usr="LSM">
>    <term>M518x515S10e00482x485S17610502x499</term>
>    <term><![CDATA[GHOXRIN]]></term>
>    <term><![CDATA[TWENTY]]></term>
> </entry>
> If you wanted to copy this from one puddle to another, you would cut it
> from one XML file and paste it into the other XML making sure to change
> the *id="2"* to be *id="1002"*.
> It's not the most elegant solution, but it could work.  If you want to
> do this, I can work with you.  We would lock the target puddles so that
> they could not be edited.  You would download and update the XML files.
> Then I could import the new XML files and overwrite the puddles.
> I can't think of an easier way to do this.
> Regards,
> -Steve

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