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Hi Adam, Val  and everyone,

     Adam and Val, thank you for your explanation.  I understand two 
different symbols (A and B) now.

    Adam, you are right to choose A (double stem arrow on the head) for a 

     Best regards,


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Yes, the two symbols are very different. The double stem arrow on the head 
means that the nose turn in that direction, and the single stem arrow means 
the head moves in the direction of the arrow without the face turning. So I 
am guessing that you want to have A for you negation since B is more like an 
Egyptian movement. (GRIN). I have attached a video of doing A and then B, 
but I don't know if you can see it, which is why I tried to explain the 
movement by words. If you are still unsure, just let me know.



On Jul 7, 2012, at 12:59 PM, Gagnon et Thibeault wrote:

> Hi Val and everyone,
>    You will find the attached negation.  Should I write down A or B if my 
> head shakes from side to side?  Is A different from B?  Are A and B the 
> same negation?
>    Best regards,
>    André



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