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Hi Rafaela, 

you probably know that in Germany we use a lot of "Mundbilder" 

I defined a set of symbols to represent these lip and tongue movements that
go along with what you can see if a person is speaking (even without sound) 

I just wrote your two signs

1) it is a short "Brumm"  a long "U" could be interpreted differently but in
general I do not distinguish between long and short vorcals if it is not for
the purpose of articulation.

2) Papa - is easy to understand. 

Have a great day 


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Betreff: Mouth symbols

Hello everyone. Hope everthing is well.

I have 2 doubts/questions and I hope someone can help me!

1 - SW have a facial symbol for the expression "bruumm" that we do with the 
mouth, for example, when we want to imitate or explain the sound of a 

2 - SW have a symbol that represents the mouth opening and closing 
consecutively? (As babies do whe they are starting to talk, like

Thank you.


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