The Status of the SignPuddle Infrastructure: 50%

Steve Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Fri Oct 5 23:20:36 UTC 2012

Hi SW-List,

To use the SignWriting Script on the computer I have a design for 
SignWriting Text.  Like Edison and the lightbulb, the clarity of success 
is self evident.  But before Edison could bring the lightbulb to the 
public, he had to design an infrastructure of sockets and switches, 
power stations and wire, with standards and specifications.  He had to 
set up factories and start production and installation.

Several years ago, a light went off for me.  I started a mathematical 
exploration of the SignWriting Script.  I created my first mathematical 
logogram for SignWriting within the first year of working with Valerie 
Sutton.  Since then, I have been improving the design and building an 

I am happy to report that the design is stable and the infrastructure is 
50% operational.  The fonts are fully functional and freely available.  
The SignWriting Image Server will soon have an official release 
candidate for version 3.

I admit that 50% of the infrastructure is not yet complete.  This is 
holding us back, but it is our current reality.  For the 50% to still 
complete, I have documentation and working prototypes.

Once the infrastructure is 100%, we will be writing naturally on 
computers: both with desktop and mobile.  Once the infrastructure status 
reaches 100%, the internet community of SignWriters will be well 
established and enabled.  Powerful SignWriting Text processing will be 
within easy reach of whoever want to use SignWriting Text offline or 
online.  Every sign language with active writers will be able to build 
their own Wikipedia in their own language.  Free knowledge will flourish.

Until then, we move forward with SignPuddle Online, the ASL Wikipedia 
Project, and all of the other great projects around the world that are 
compatible with the SignPuddle Standard for SignWriting Text.

I hope to complete the infrastructure 100% next year, in 2013.

I have put together a color coded one page summary. "Status of the 
SignPuddle Standard for SignWriting Text".  This distributed model will 
ensure that SignWriting Text can scale to the internet and flourish.  
Please bookmark this page, check it often, and share it with your friends.

The standard reference is being documented on the SignPuddle Report:


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