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There was a glitch, I was unable to get on for three days as well. This message came through.

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 From: Dali balti <livingtabernacle at YAHOO.FR>
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Subject: package received

Hello dear Valerie, and dear all friends....
On the 8th of October I mailed you to inform you that I started teaching SignWriting in Ibn Charaf University in Tunisia.
But, I received an email failure. That is why I am sending this email to all of SW emails contacts I know....
My students are enjoying their course, they were afraid and happy to discover such a useful deaf writing system.
I find no words to express my love, gratitude and thanks to dear Valerie, she was and is always helpful to me, she helped me
to get the certificate so that I can be able to teach, and sent me many manuals to be able to use them when teaching.
Dear Valerie, many thanks, truly, might God bless you for your great efforts and support to me though you were sick,
I respect you very much, I am so happy that I know you.....
Bless you all, and I will keep you up-to-dated dear friends.....
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