Freezing our Literature Puddle

MARIE ALEXANDER marie.alexander at UM.EDU.MT
Mon Sep 3 07:30:28 UTC 2012

Hi Maria.  That would be great.  I will catch up with my emails and see if
you had an answer.... then talk to Stavros who manages the website.


Hi Steve,
Thank you!! This is great.
I'm attaching two more symbols that represent malta - the maltese cross
and the flag of the republic.
As for the links - do you mean links in the SignWriting website. We have
an Institute of linguistics website, can there be a link to the puddle
If so, I'll talk to Marie about this and get back to you.
Thanks again for archiving the Literature Puddle.

> Hi Maria,
> You can access the Literature Malta Archive here:
> This is a copy of the Literature Matla puddle:
> This does not yet show up in the list of other puddles and can only be
> found through the direct link.  If it's going to shop up with the other
> puddles, we should change the flag icon in some way.  We can also add
> links to this puddle, but I'm not sure where they should be...
> Regards,
> -Steve

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