New handshapes for the ISWA 2010

Steve Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Tue Sep 18 14:05:01 UTC 2012

Hi Madson and list,

The core of the ISWA 2010 will not change, but we can add an addendum of 
new handshapes.  This will be a compatible improvement and will not 
change any of the existing data.

I have worked out most of the technical details to make this work. It 
relies on creating complex subsets of the ISWA where the symbols can be 
reorganized and reordered for the individual languages.  We will all 
still use the ISWA, we'll just be able to access them according to the 
default international order created by Val, or by a custom language 
specific order.

Adding new handshapes is not a trivial matter.  Each handshape will need 
to comply with all of Valerie's rules: written and unwritten.  Each new 
handshape will need an addition to the font that is compatible with the 
existing font.  So if anyone would like to propose a new handshape for 
the ISWA 2010, we will need someone to create the font addition and 
Valerie's approval and my verification of the technical details.

If anyone is interested, we can discuss how to put together a proposal 
for a new handshape.

New handshapes need:
* real life picture of handshape
* symbol ID that fits within the current ISWA hierarchy
* English name
* fallback handshape if new handshape is not available.
* font Addition
** minimum of 12 PNGs (fills 1 thru 6, and rotations 1 & 2)
** eventually, 96 PNGs or 96 SVG per font.


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