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Dear Everyone, 

Within the ASL puddle there a number of entries that are "test" or "not a full entry" (meaning there is no meaning attached, there is no attribution, and they are clearly "test" tries to see if a person can create a sign in the puddle.) 

I am an approved editor for the ASL puddle and for the Libras puddle. I do not wish to offend people by deleting an entry which is a duplicate or incomplete or unattributed practice sign, but that is the job of an editor. I acted as an editor in several publications in Brazil and they expected me to mark an entry "wrong" when the sign had two left hands clapping, or to query what looked like an impossible movement. 

Is there a way to get a clear policy out so that a SignPuddle can be created that people know will be peer-reviewed so that "practice" sessions do not become a part of the total record. It makes it hard to get accurate readings on "unique" signs when one has partial or incomplete records.

Removing a record that is fully attributed (meaning we know the person who actually entered the sign, where they got the source material, it has at least some gloss attribution) should not be policy, but having the capacity to remove something that is one hand, or one part of a sign, without attribution, should not offend anyone. Having an attribution of "Practice session" would clearly allow the editors to have a clear record for linguistic research, and I feel, should be a part of the instructions on using the Puddle. Some of the records in the USA SignPuddle have attributions of "practice session" so that they do not pretend to be the record of a sign for use in the dictionary. 

I'm using the "translate" feature for creating SignWikipedia entries so I'm having to add new signs almost every day. I make sure that I fully attribute the source, that I transcribed them, and that they aren't a "practice session". I expect my signs to be peer-reviewed, and I will delete them myself if another transcription is clearer. 
Charles Butler
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Greetings Oscar Koller,

It looks like your entries were deleted by an editor.  I do not know why.  This shouldn't have happened.  It was very inconsiderate. Please let me know if it happens again.

If you send me the export, I can add back the deleted entries.

In the German dictionary, writing with heads is the current writing style of Stefan Wöhrmann. Question for Stefan, should we split into two German puddles?  When dealing with spelling examples, dictionary lookup, and general use: I can see the benefit of having the body of work based on particular rules of spelling.

No free ways to edit SignWriting on a local machine.  Work in progress.  2013 should be an amazing year for SignWriting editors. I hope we can maintain compatibility with SignPuddle Online.  It is a great example of great writers from all over the world.

Valerie's non-profit does offer private puddles where you can set the security for who can view, who can add, and who can edit.  There is also the PersonalPuddle, a client side version of SignPuddle Online for Mac or Windows.  Easy to install on Linux too.  The import / export is for entire puddles or single entries.  These services are available for a fee or private agreement.

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