signpuddle entry disappeared?

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Not with the right hand, the thumb would be on the wrong side. With the right arrow, one cannot flip the hand around and keep both the middle finger in contact with the face AND the thumb pointing to the right. What you have is the back of the hand as seen from the receptive point of view, but even with that, it must be the left hand, and the arrow is wrong for that. 

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It's not impossible to sign that way - just a bit awkward

On 9/27/2012 10:12 PM, Adam Frost wrote:

That would be my brother in law's writing. I have been teaching him SignWriting, so I think he meant for the white palm facing. I find these "mistakes" helpful to see since it helps me see what are common errors that new writers make. 
>On Sep 27, 2012, at 6:46 PM, Charles Butler wrote:
>Variation by Arturo Ruvalcaba (I'm curious about this one, as the orientation seems impossible)
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