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That's helpful, thanks!

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> I started writing expressively ('productively') and have never written receptively.  I don't think I could write receptively, because it would have to be switched around in my head...  lol.  When I write in English, I hear a voice in my head and I write what that voice says.  When I write ASL/SW,  I SEE the signs in my head and write what I see.  Sometimes i have to actually sign the signs, because I am not as fluent with SW as I am with English.
> Not sure if this is what you wanted, but thats my offering...
> cherie
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> Subject: productive/receptive writing question
> Hi everyone! I'm going to be giving a paper at our annual anthropology meetings this fall on a panel about how to best represent visual aspects of linguistic phenomena. 
> I want to talk about the shift from receptive to productive writing in SW. I'm going to suggest that there are interesting theoretical and methodological lessons in this shift for scholars who want to transcribe visual aspects of communication, even if they aren't using SW per se (though I also want to make more scholars in my field aware of how useful SW can be for this purpose).
> To that end, I was wondering if list members might be willing to talk with me about their feelings about productive writing with SW. Did you initially write receptively? If so, how did you shift? (or do you still write receptively sometimes?). How do you feel that writing productively affects the way you choose to write (or how you read other people's writing)? 
> I'd love to hear answers to these questions and anything else you think is relevant about this aspect of SW, particularly as it relates to your own ways of using the writing system (for teaching, for research, for translation, for poetry, etc). 
> The conference isn't until November, but I wanted to get started on it now, before the semester kicks in!
> Best,
> Erika
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