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Bless you Valerie, another challenge overcome. 

Another challenge for translation in Latin languages is all of the different grammatical endings for a given word. While English has different words indicating tense, in the Latin-based languages, and many others, parts of speech are imbedded in the languages so amou (I love) or amei (I will love) or amasse (I might love) are single words and they all need to be shown under amar (to love). 

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August 30, 2013

Hello Charles -
Yes, of course you are right, and we all know this, including Steve, who is working long hours creating a brand new database-style foundation for SignPuddle 3, that will fix this problem, plus move us into the modern era of smart phones, iPads and so forth…so Steve and I just had a meeting about it this morning. He hopes to have SignPuddle 3 ready in about a month, and one of the most welcome features will be to search without case sensitivity!!

We will keep you informed -

Thanks for your patience everyone - 

Val ;-)


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How long before this bug gets fixed? A lot of the interfaces automatically capitalize the first letter or force all caps or lower case. That does not help in finding words when one is typing ordinary text. So you show up with false negatives when you are trying to use the translator. I don't know if Delegs can work beyond that barrier, and this is a serious flaw. 
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>August 30, 2013
>Hello Melinda!
>Thank you for this message. Yes…I went to your exact link below, and it works for me…
>But I think I know what is happening!
>Right now, SignPuddle software is "case sensitive", so that is my fault to tell you to type HELLO with all caps - instead you have to type the words without the capital letters…so instead type:
>all lower case letters...
>Does that work for you?
>Val ;-)
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