Design for SignPuddle 3: parts-of-speech and morphology of sign language

Stephen E Slevinski Jr slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Fri Dec 13 20:29:21 UTC 2013

Hi Rachel and Stefan,

Regarding the morphology details, these can be enabled or disabled on a 
per puddle basis.  So Stefan, if you didn't want this in the German Sign 
Language dictionary and others agreed, we would not enable this feature 
for you to use.

These addition I am discussing are required for future development so 
they must be included and handled in some way.

On 12/11/13, 4:13 PM, Rachel Channon wrote:
> Given this complexity, it might make sense to set up
> 1) a simple set of choices that allow multiple choices, so that I 
> could select for example classifier AND compound. An initial list:
> Classifier, compound, fingerspelling -- one handed, fingerspelling -- 
> two handed, fingerspelled loan sign, character sign, assimilated 
> compound, compound, negative incorporation, clitic, affix, initialized 
> sign, phrase, inflected verb, uninflected verb, locational verb, 
> noun-verb pair, repeating or non-repeating signs, numbers, gestural, 
> pantomimic, iconic. Classifiers are subdivided in many ways by 
> different linguists, so some linguists might want to add to the list 
> of classifiers -- for example, classifiers for handling objects vs. 
> motion vs. drawing-in-the-air and so on.
Would a alphabetically sorted multi-select list work?  Instead of one 
gigantic list, we may want several smaller multi-select lists.

> 2) a second set of choices specifying number of morphemes that 
> defaults to 1 and allows numeric write-ins plus the choices 
> innumerable, uncertain, and many,
I can understand the utility for the number of morphemes, but I'd like 
to discuss the other choices list.

"Numbering of morphemes" list
* innumerable - This is a weird concept when considering a written 
sign.  Is there a spoken language equivalent?

* uncertain - What does this choice mean?  If a specific answer is 
impossible or unknown for the number of morphemes, is there a range 
instead?  Are there any spoken language equivalents?

* many - How is this different than innumerable? If we can number the 
morphemes, why not use the actual number?

> 3) a fixed choice set for either simultaneous or sequential,
Is this always an either/or choice?  Could a complex sign fulfill both 

> and4) a free form area for additional information.
Sure, that will be possible.

Thanks for your input,



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