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At this time in between Christmas and the new year, it is also a time for
fun things to do. So I prepared a challenge for you in the hope that you
will like it.

The Gallaudet university awards yearly the Laurent Clerc award [1]. So far
there have been 43 recipients. Only three of them have a Wikipedia article
on the English Wikipedia.

The objective of this challenge is to show deaf people who are winners. To
make a start for you I have added all 43 Laurent Clerc award winners in
Wikidata [2]. You can take part in this challenge by:

   - write a Wikipedia article about these people
   - add information about these people in Wikidata
   - providing us with freely licensed images about these people
   - check if there are other awards for deaf people or awards won by deaf

Wikipedia has a new feature called "draft". I know it exists but I do not
know the finer details. There is a draft article about Valerie [3], this
article can also do with some TLC.

I hope you like this challenge of mine. If there is an award, it is that
deaf people and deaf culture will get more positive attention.

[2] http://tools.wmflabs.org/reasonator/?q=6501096
[3] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Draft:Valerie_Sutton



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