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December 28, 2013

On Dec 28, 2013, at 6:29 PM, Dali balti <livingtabernacle at YAHOO.FR> wrote:

> Hello SW list!
> I was trying to write down one sign which means waterfalls!
> I was thinking of many ways to write it down, it is so complicated that I do not know how to write it!
> Reading my signwriting and the picture, you  might guess the meaning, any suggstions please??!!!
> if it is still not clear, here is the video on youtube, you find the sign on minute 2:50
> Blessings!
> Dali :D


Hello Dali, and everyone on the SW List -
Thank you for informing us about this video online:

Arab Sign Language dictionary for the deaf
القاموس الإشاري العربي للصم

and thank you, Dali, for starting to write the signs from this video dictionary in Arab Sign Language in SignWriting...You may have noticed that I shared some of your Arab Sign Language writings on my Facebook page?… As you know, Dr. Mohamed AbuShaira has written some in the Saudi Arabian SignPuddle Online:

Saudi Arabian SignPuddle

It would be great to add some of these signs to the SignPuddle dictionary at some point…I just added my three attempts at writing this sign to the Saudi Arabian SignPuddle mentioned above…

Regarding the sign for WATERFALL or CASCADE … I tried to find it on the video but there were so many signs on the video and I could not find it - but looking at your writing and the picture I think I understand what you mean…

I think you did really well writing a difficult sign …

Attached is my writing and I hope that others will give their feedback too… there are always several ways to write signs...

Regarding Surface Symbols… I would suggest not using them. I do not write with Surface Symbols, except for rare cases when we are trying to write something for research, but for SignWriting for everyday use they are not necessary… Notice there are four examples in the attached diagram:

1. your original writing
2. my writing without Surface Symbols, and only one position…this is a simple writing that might be enough information for those who know the sign
3. my writing with a beginning and ending position, for writing vertically - but I am not sure the ending position is needed - just an idea
4. my writing with a beginning and ending position, for writing horizontally - again, I am not sure the ending position is needed -

Notice how I wrote with arm lines - I think the arm lines help to see that the right hand has moved up-and-over and landed behind the left hand - the left arm line became dark in the second position to show that the left hand and arm is now closer to the chest (the reader) - the darker arm line means “closer to the chest” - the dark arm line is a way to see depth - it shows which arm is in front of the other -

Please see attached…



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