sign writing analysis

Stephen E Slevinski Jr slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Wed Feb 6 19:31:23 UTC 2013

If you are using the libraries, you will find several notations. These 
are covered under the following link:

Here's the flow of the forms:

CSW is Character SignWriting.  It uses Unicode characters on plan 15.  
We have an experimental / proof of concept TrueType Font.  The 
characters are irregular and rely on special Unicode libraries for 

BSW is Binary SignWriting.  It uses 12-bit characters.  These characters 
are intermediate and usually not stored.  In theory, you could store and 
analyze the 12-bit characters, but a special environment is required.

FSW is Formal SignWriting.  It uses a lite ASCII markup.  It is the best 
form to leverage searching with speed and usability.  The SignPuddle 
downloads use FSW by default.

KSW is Kartesian SignWriting.  It is an irregular lite ASCII markup for 
display purposes. It is supported as a legacy encoding and very useful 
at times.

There is also an XML markup that is equivalent in content to the above 


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