SignPuddle 2.0 is Live

MARIA GALEA maria.azzopardi at UM.EDU.MT
Mon Feb 18 12:34:08 UTC 2013

Hi Steve,
Trying to find out what the exact name of SignPuddle was before its
current name SignPuddle Online v2.0...
could you remind me please?
thank you!

> SignWriting List: Read and Write Sign Languages
> On 4/18/12 9:32 AM, Ronald Dettloff wrote:
>> What are the improvements or changes please?
> Hi Ron,
> I'm glad you asked.
> For the casual observer, things have not changed a lot.  Here is the
> list of the superficial changes:
> 1) New Symbol Frequency
> -- ISWA 2010 names
> 2) New Search by Group
> -- Recursive search of signs and sign texts
> 3) Updated spoken language search
> -- Terms and Titles, Text, Source, and Puddle Page
> 4) Horizontal Writing
> -- SignMail and ColumnMaker
> We can discuss any of these changes if you want.
> The more significant changes to SignPuddle 2 are behind the scenes and
> not obvious in the user interface.  The initial release of SignPuddle 2
> is about stabilizing the data and extracting the knowledge.
> For SignWriting, I have hand crafted the data format.  In the past, it
> was difficult to use.  Instead of writing a complicated programming
> routine, I decided to improve the format.  After I had a new format, I
> would try to use it.  If the change was an improvement, I've had to
> convert the SignPuddle data set and continue forward.  This process has
> repeated several times.
> Searching has always been the last piece of the puzzle.  Until
> SignPuddle 2.0, I could not properly search SignWriting data.  I created
> a search demonstration within SignPuddle 1.6, but it never fully worked.
> The end of last year I designed the final data format.  SignPuddle 2.0
> uses that format.  The Modern SignWriting (MSW) document describes the
> format and the processing available.  The open source project the
> SignWriting Image Server (SWIS) implements these standards.
> I have taken all of the image processing and text processing available
> in SignPuddle and created MSW and SWIS.  This foundation will allow
> anyone to easily leverage the SignPuddle data without having to use
> SignPuddle code.  It takes some technical knowledge to configure a
> server and leverage the code, but it is a significant base from which to
> grow.  Installation will get easier as more tools build upon this work.
> I am very excited to start work on the new SignMaker and new SignText in
> jQuery.  It will be fun to hook up the new searching techniques to
> create a really fantastic user experience.  I'm hoping to integrate the
> keyboard while still supporting the mouse.
> Significant Changes
> ============
> 1) Standards document
> -- Ready for review
> 2) Open Source project that implements the standards
> -- Available on GitHub
> 3) SignPuddle data
> -- Available in XML files
> Happy Days,
> -Steve

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