A writing system for sign languages - in france!

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Eduardo, c'est manifique. 
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Subject: Re: A writing system for sign languages - in france!

El 2013-06-20 06:19, Valerie Sutton escribió:
> And everyone, I need your help. Here is a lovely video of Juliette
> Dalle, from France, explaining how she used SignWriting years ago with
> Deaf children. The video was professionally made, and fascinating, so I
> just looked at the link, and sadly the video is not available, although
> the web page is still there:
> http://www.curiosphere.tv/video-documentaire/42-citoyennete/104984-reportage-lsf-lexperimentation-du-sign-writing

Hi Val, you can find the video here:


Regards, Eduardo.
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