Hello to Everyone

Chris Farman chrissignstar at GMAIL.COM
Mon Jun 3 23:25:16 UTC 2013

Hi brett, 

i am a bsl researcher in the reading area (not far from London) and just want to say hi to the list! It would be great to have a chat about your relationship with learning bsl and signwriting 

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Subject: Hello to Everyone

I am new to the SignWriting list and wanted to introduce myself.
My name is Brett. I am a certified ASL interpreter who recently moved to London where I am learning BSL. I am fascinated by SignWriting, and I am really enjoying learning it. I can also see many ways in which it can be very useful. I hope to become much more proficient in it and knowledgeable about it in the coming months. 
I am enjoying the listserve exchanges and look forward to learning more going forward. 


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