A writing system for sign languages - in france!

Claudia S. Bianchini chiadu14 at GMAIL.COM
Thu Jun 20 08:42:55 UTC 2013

I never heard of it (there are french systems that are more "known" in
france, as the Jouison's one)... I'll look! Thank you for the news :-)

2013/6/20 maria galea <signwriting.maria at gmail.com>

> Hi all,
> For those interested in writing systems in general (I think Stuart
> Thiessen in particular) I have just come across another system in France
> called la méthode Smyle.
> You can find more details about it at this website:
> http://www.signographie.fr/
>  I've learnt it was invented by Yaelle Pierrat-Frappé
> From the very little i can understand in French I think she is in Deaf
> education, but as you will see immediately from YouTube it doesn't seem to
> be a very transparent system unlike SW, that woman commenting on the
> lessons claims it is a difficult system.
> Still thought I'd send it to you all for the record.
> maria

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