SW Punctuation Question/Exclamation Marks

MARIA GALEA maria.azzopardi at UM.EDU.MT
Fri Mar 1 09:43:18 UTC 2013

Hi friends on the List,
Would you be so kind as to lead me to the symbols that are used as
Question Marks and Exclamation marks in SW - we have been using
SignWriting for LSM for years without the need for them, because we used
different markers such as facial expressions and head-tilts - but I'm
trying to figure out which are the question marks -
if you could send me a whole question sentence - would appreciate it.
i managed to find Parkhurst and Parkhurst use of question marks - but they
write horizontally, so I would like an example of vertical script and
question marks and exclamation marks.

thank you in advance!!

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