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Hello Mrs. Valerie, I´m glad to contact with You. I´m sorry I don´t answer
to You immediately. Last monts You wrote to me how can I practise to write
in Sign Writing. I downoloaded a program you have advice me (SignWriter
Studio 1.0), but I have a problem. First: In this program unfortunately in
SignWriter Studio Option - Sign language I can not find Slovenian Sign
Language (initial Letters with Slo... shows only Slovakian sign languge) so,
it seems to me I can not use this program for our language or I don´t use
this program corectly. Second problem: in Main menu - Module I can find only
Dictionary module (there are no Document module no SignList module). Yes, as
You have adviced me, it´s more easily for me to use a net writer on Sign
Puddle. It interested to me, can I in net writer sign text insert some
pictures from my or other documents, so that lines with Sign text can be
transformed dependly of widths of pictures or text must be written just with
signs? You know, in my mind I have a logic of Words program and others
programs in which one may insert diferent pictures that the text was more
interesting for learning. In Slovenian Sign Puddle I miss a "column" to copy
my written text. For now I copy Slovenian Sign text on Slovenian
ditictionary. It seems to me, that it´s not estetic. Maybe it will be right
also in Slovenian Sign Puddle to insert a column with name Literature. I see
some languges have named column as Dictionary, Literature, ... on his own
language. I ask You, can we also in Slovenian get translation for this
column: Dictionary (English) - Slovar (Slovenian) and Literature (English) -
Besedila (Slovenian). I look for your help and your advice! Thank You very
much! in attachments I send You our second number of our magazine
Prisliuhnite nam! (Listen to us!) in which we write some text also in Sign
Writting and some words about Slovenian Sign Puddle. Greetings from Edi
Strouhal (Slovenia).
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