A novel combining wizardry and SignWriting!

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Thu Mar 7 02:52:04 UTC 2013

Hi Kim and everyone,

Is it possible to read this book in English as well as in its written ASL
version, both at the same time?

Best regards,


Le 13-02-27 19:37, « Kimberley Shaw » <skifoot at GMAIL.COM> a écrit :

>Hello everyone:
>at long, long last ... my novel is available for the world to see and buy!
>What is this story? It tells of a mainstreamed kid, who isn't getting
>along so great in a hearing/speaking-only environment. The school she
>goes to is something like Harry Potter's Hogwarts, but in America.
>(After all, there must be *some* Deafs in the "Potterverse", right?
>And how can the American "Witch City" not have a magical school of its
>own?) But when she encounters magic-workers who talk and WRITE in Sign,
>everything changes for the better.
>It's called "A Handful of Spells", and I've been working on the
>manuscript since 2007. I do eventually want to find it a real
>publisher, but in the meanwhile, here is the self-published version:
>     http://www.harvard.com/index.php?/book/a_handful_of_spells
>     $15 per copy, for sale online.
>OR for those of you in the Boston / Cambridge MA area (USA), stop on
>by the store, admire the machine they print it on, and pick up a copy
>in person!
>All the best,
>Kimberley Shaw ("Kim from Boston")

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