SLOVENIA: Translating SignPuddle User Interface

Edi Strouhal e.strouhal at GMAIL.COM
Sat Mar 9 23:12:38 UTC 2013

Goog evening mrs. Val. Thank you for Your answer. I tried to folow your
instructions. From 1-7. it works O.K. But till to item 7. It is similar if I
should like to change existing Sign or Words in any SignPuddle Language:
customize Sign, Copy Sign, write Sign, Sign Speling, Write Words, .... Of
course in Slovenian dictionary I´m first loged with my user name and
password. And I´m welcomed. Than I have choised icon SignPuddle UI, on top
to icon Search by words and than to View all entries. Realy all terms are
here. I choise for example terms Add and however below under word Add I can
choise only terms: Customize Sign and Copy sign. Other icon there are no
one. Further for example uder terms All words there are even no one icon.
And many terms has not no one icon. It seems to me that it is not allowed
for me to change any terms. I notify I´m login. I don´t know what problems
are occureed? I see it´s realy symple steps to chang terms in SignPuddle UI
but I miss icons below a terms, expecialy icon Write words an Write Sign.
Thank you for Yor help. If maybe I grump to You, please I aplogize to you. I
wiish You a nice day. Edi.

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