MORE News from Belgium - SignWriting in Flanders & Netherlands (Holland)

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Excellent news, the world is changing. 

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Subject: MORE News from Belgium - SignWriting in Flanders & Netherlands (Holland)
Date: Wednesday, March 13, 2013, 4:16 PM

SignWriting ListMarch 13, 2013
Hello Everyone -
Not only is SignWriting more established in French-Belgium now, but recently I received this email from Kathleen Heylen, a teacher of SignWriting from Flemish-Belgium - Kathleen gave me permission to post her message below:

On Feb 25, 2013, at 9:05 AM, Kathleen Heylen <kathleen.heylen at> wrote:
Hallo Valerie, first of all... Happy Birthday!! (sorry, few days late ;) I was in Holland this weekend. I gave them the basic start lesson to learn SignWriting. They were very motivated.They also had questions. I've told them, if they really want to move ahead they can always contact you. They wanted to know about software for SignWriting (not online).
And when you want to use SignMaker, they would find it easy to put the curser on a symbol and be able to read what the symbol means. I promised them I would ask you ;) You see SignWriting is moving up in the world ;) kind regards from Belgium!Kathleen


On Mar 13, 2013, at 12:12 PM, Valerie Sutton <signwriting at> wrote:
SignWriting ListMarch 13, 2013
Dear SignWriting List members -
Yesterday I was blessed with a visit, in my home, from Thierry Haesenne, from the Institut Libre Marie Haps, PROFILS, in Brussels, Belgium...
And we are also blessed with a houseguest this week from Ireland - Shane Gilchirst  - we are having a great time! Shane knows Thierry - they are here because of a big Deaf wedding that took place in Los Angeles last week, and now they are visiting friends in Southern California ;-)
Thierry could only stay a few hours yesterday, but he had the chance to tell me a little about how they are using SignWriting in French-Belgium now - they are not only continuing from their original work in the mid-2000s, but are expanding their work using SignWriting in school curriculums, thanks to teachers and researchers such as Thierry, Bruno Sonnemans and others.
So SignWriting is growing in French-Belgium - They are using the DELEGS software from Hamburg, Germany, as well as SignPuddle too!
I hope to write a more detailed report later, about specifics of their work in French-Belgium -
Congratulations and thank you Thierry, Bruno and everyone -
I enjoyed our visit so much, and wish it could have been longer - I think we need a SignWriting Symposium in La Jolla, California!

Val ;-)

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