SignWriting Symposium in La Jolla, California? June-July 2013?

Erika Hoffmann-Dilloway erhoffma at OBERLIN.EDU
Thu Mar 14 20:12:41 UTC 2013

If this happens I will find a way to be there! If it so happens that we can
arrange a symposium for this summer I'm all for it (though there is one
week in June and one week in July during which I am supposed to be away at
other conferences, so I'll keep my fingers crossed that a conflict doesn't

On Thu, Mar 14, 2013 at 4:06 PM, Valerie Sutton <signwriting at> wrote:

> SignWriting List
> March 14, 2013
> Hello Claudia and everyone -
> I am glad to see interest in the idea of a SignWriting Symposium in La
> Jolla!
> Back in 2005, thanks to the hard work of Kathleen Heylen and so many
> wonderful people in Belgium & Europe, there was a 2-day Symposium that went
> very well in Brussels -
> First European SignWriting Symposium, Brussels 2005
> I attended through Skype a little - I met a few people while they were
> attending -
> I do not travel because of health reasons, so if you all are able to come
> to La Jolla, which is a beautiful city on the ocean in San Diego, in
> Southern California (near Mexico)…it would be wonderful - a great place to
> be a tourist and enjoy the beach etc.
> And La Jolla is famous for researchers, such as Carol Padden, Ursula
> Bellugi, Karen Emmorey, Rachel Mayberry and so many others - There is Salk
> Institute, UCSD, SDSU and so forth. We might be able to arrange to hold the
> SW Symposium under the auspices of one of these research labs at the
> University - so that would be a great way for all of you to benefit talking
> to other researchers etc…
> I would suggest a longer SW Symposium - as you suggest, Claudia - in depth
> lessons in SignWriting taught by me, Adam Frost, and other skilled
> Signwriters and teachers too, like yourselves...So we could make it a
> series of SignWriting courses or workshops over a period of two weeks or a
> month  - maybe the University could provide a dorm for participants -
> What about June - July 2013?
> I know in Brazil June and July is your winter time - can any of you come?
> How many would like to come? We have no funding - so you all will have to
> find your own funding to come - if the University can donate the space that
> will be the first step, and of course we hope you will come over to my home
> for a party in-between classes - smile -
> Anyone seriously interested?
> Val ;-)
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> On Mar 14, 2013, at 4:56 AM, Claudia S. Bianchini <chiadu14 at GMAIL.COM>
> wrote:
> > A simposium in La Jola... that's a great idea! I really hope it will be
> done!
> > Claudia
> > PS: please, not during the university lessons period (september-may)
> because to come from euope a couple of days will not be enought and it's
> hard to lose more than 1 or 2 lessons :-)

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