sign writing AMAZING!!

Theresa Durham durhamtl at STAFFORDSCHOOLS.NET
Wed Mar 27 19:54:39 UTC 2013

This is pretty amazing!! I had no idea that it is all over the world!  I first learn 
about the sign writing through the Deaf artist and then through Master ASL.   
I am a Deaf ASL Teacher at high school full time for a long time...  

When I look/read the sign writing first time, I understand right away.  I was 
real surprised at how much I understood sign writing since ASL is part of me 
for who I am.    I thought that it would be too hard for me but it is not!!!  I 
was shocked and happy at the same time that I finally fit in that "sign writing" 

I showed it to my students and they seemed really fascinating and real 
surprised that ASL is actually a language.  It seems like "notarized" seal it for 
real...   I see their face "drop to the floor"    Now they know that ASL is for 
real and it is equal to any written language.  Just unique.

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