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I always start with the handshape and rotation if I do not know a sign and it is not showing up in a word search. Then I add location. As far as I am concerned, if a sign has ANY hand in it at all, I should be able to search by that hand. If the database search mechanism is missing that basic parameter, there's something wrong. 

I shouldn't have to search for a face to find "Search". 

If i start with a C handshape facing right, it should come up. If it doesn't, the "center of the sign" is not what i'd think to look it up by. Sign language is about Signs, meaning HANDSHAPE, then ORIENTATION, then LOCATION, HOLMES. If not, my dictionary sense can't handle it. 

I'm trying to create a dictionary of Brazilian sign language with the LIBRAS corpus and I have focused entirely on the Search function starting with the handshapes in Sign-Symbol-Sequence order. If ALL signs don't come up by that, then there is something that is definitely missing in the search process. 

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