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November 7, 2013

Hello Gerard and everyone!
Thank you, Gerard, for your two postings about Wikidata, which I also found a general link here:


I think your work with information on the internet is admirable and we are fortunate you are doing this work.

We will always want to connect SignPuddle to more information, and the only problem that I and Steve are experiencing is “project overload” - Lack of time and not enough resources to pay more programmers to help us - I am literally not sure what project to start on this morning first, there is so much happening….but that is wonderful! That means SignWriting is really actively being used m-

So no worries - we will work with Wikidata and I appreciate knowing about it. THANK YOU, for posting on my Facebook page and for the blog!

Val’s FaceBook Page

Gerard’s blog today mentions Wikidata and SignWriting ;-)

And…you are welcome to post the photo with the pink hat - smile - whatever photo you like …It is more recent ;-)

Regarding the book by Mr Renard - I never heard of his book before and if it mentions SignWriting then there is an example of a “third party reference” that Wikipedia is requiring… 

Adam Frost also told me about another book called:

 “For Hearing People Only”

which is used for his ASL students at one of the colleges where he teaches ASL…it presents different aspects of deafness and deaf culture I assume, and apparently there is a section on writing sign languages in that book and there is a mention of SignWriting…so there is another third-party reference…

For those who are wondering why I am mentioning “third part references”…for several years there was an article about me in the English Wikipedia - I did not write the article nor did I ever ask anyone to write it nor did I know who wrote it … but recently they took it down from Wikipedia saying that I was “self-promoting” and they want us to “prove” that other people know about SignWriting and Sutton Movement Writing - "third party people whom I never met”  who refer to the system, like books and dissertations that mention SignWriting… smile…

I started a section on the web under SignWriting History, to provide links and information to different publications and dissertations and theses that mention SignWriting…it is a list of titles but it is never up-to-date because there are so many! There are new ones everyday…

SignWriting History

I am adding Claudia and Fabrizio to this listing soon - it is all coming!

Val ;-)


On Nov 7, 2013, at 1:55 AM, Gerard Meijssen <gerard.meijssen at> wrote:

> Hoi,
> Today I posted about Wikidata.. The book of Mr Renard is available in Spanish as a PDF. In French you can indeed buy it..
> Mr Renard is NOT known to Wikidata. But given his book he is certainly notable enough to have his own Wikidata item. It is also perfectly OK to include his publications..<grin> or add his name in YOUR language(s)...
> In this way we can already generate a virtualisation  of the information. This [1] is just an example of such a visualisation.. This is a hack and at this time it is only in English..
> PS some of us may prefer the pink hat :)
> Thanks,
>       Gerard
> [1]
> On 7 November 2013 10:23, maria galea <signwriting.maria at> wrote:
> Hi Honza,
> I read about Bebian and included a small section in my thesis. 
> There is a book you may be interested in by Marc Renard 'Ecrire les signes: La mimographie d'Auguste Bebian et les notations contemporaines'. He actually talks about SignWriting in his book also. I have been in contact with the author who was very helpful. The only thing is that the book is in French. Try and search for more on the internet, if you need further help, I'll try to find the website where I ordered the book from. 
> thanks
> maria
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