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February 9, 2014

Dear SW List Members -
As you may remember, at the end of 2013 my old computer died. It was serving the web from my home for over a decade, providing our Shopping Cart for ordering printed books, DVD packages and packaged software.

Although almost every one of our publications are free for download on our sites, we also provide printed copies of books for schools, libraries and individuals who prefer printed copies - so this was a blow for me, when the old computer died, because I had to re-construct the old Shopping Cart, which I did myself through PayPal.

I must thank PayPal for their outstanding tools. Anyone can design their own Shopping Carts now, if you know how to do basic web design and have the patience to create the Add To Cart buttons for every product, and so forth, that are available for free from PayPal -

I realize that most of you do not want to purchase items, when you can get them free for download on our web sites - but nonetheless you might enjoy looking at the new Shopping Cart pages - they are not perfect, by any means, but at least they are functioning!

SignWriting Shopping Cart

SignWriting Publications Catalog 2014

I also need to do a Shopping Cart for now…I haven’t even started that one!

Val ;-)



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