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February 27, 2014

Hello André!
I guess the color black will be best for animating Maltese Sign Language - probably easier to read for those new to SignWriting and to Maltese Sign Language…but if you have already started using the red color that is ok too...

Thank you for doing this, André -

Years ago, Stefan did an animation of basketball - so writing and animating movement should be universal, based on writing body movement  - You are right, this is a good test of the system…

Attached below is Stefan’s basketball writing and animation… all of Stefan's Mime and SportsWriting animations are fascinating, and use the general Movement Writing system…just applied to sports or mime movements… so a foreign sign language is no different really, if all the signs are written clearly for you - so ask questions of course - thank you also to Maria, in the middle of her final editing of her dissertation, to provide us with the Maltese Sign Language…congrats to you in advance, Maria, for a fine dissertation which I am enjoying reading - Val ;-)

SportsWriting Animation

MimeWriting Animation

Val ;-)


On Feb 26, 2014, at 9:06 PM, André L <andre-andre at> wrote:

> Hello Stephan and Valerie,
> I started working on the animation.  It is so hard to resist an interesting project.  It is an interesting sample of hand, wrist and finger movements.  Hands move forward, down and in curves.  We have brushing and contact.  There are facial expressions and numbers.  
> Valerie, which color do you prefer black or the orange of your sample?
> Thank you Stephan for your sample.  I will use it as a basis.
> Stay in touch, it should be interesting!  If a Canadian can animate a malta sign language using Sutton SignWriting system, it shows the universality of the system.
> André Lemyre



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