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January 6, 2014

Hello Honza!
Thank you for this request on February 13, 2013 (almost a year ago), to be able to see the Goldilocks videos in the ASL Literature Puddle. As mentioned in my message below, when Google Video was shut down, and our videos were moved to YouTube, it was a big job to re-link the videos to SignPuddle, and so finally, after a year’s waiting, I have finally re-linked them.

So the video clips of Goldilocks and the Three Bears in ASL, signed by Darline Clark Gunsauls, are now showing when you access Goldilocks in ASL, Level 3, in the ASL Literature Puddle:

ASL Goldilocks Video with SignWriting transcription (goes for 36 pages)

The above document and video clips are in SignPuddle Online. I did the video transcription in 1999, before SignPuddle existed… I used SignWriter DOS and Photoshop to put the document into a PDF. Then later it was transferred into SignPuddle Online, based on the old document. I hope someday to re-write the entire document to make it up-to-date, but that job has to wait. You can download the old documents here:

Goldilocks in the SignWriting Library

and also available online:

Watch the complete ASL Goldilocks Video without SignWriting

Many thanks to Darline Clark Gunsauls for signing the ASL storytelling, and to Adam Frost for the video editing.

It is nice to finally have the Goldilocks videos up again!

Val ;-)


On Feb 13, 2013, at 7:03 AM, Honza <honza at> wrote:

> Hello Val, 
> thank you. Snow White is good as well.
> Honza
> On 8 February 2013 16:41, Valerie Sutton <signwriting at> wrote:
> SignWriting List
> February 8, 2012
> Hi Honza and everyone -
> Thank you for pointing this out to me. When Google bought YouTube, they decided to shut down their old Google video site and transfer everything to YouTube, so I have the videos on YouTube, but I need to re-connect them to our SignPuddle site - It was a big job and I already did Snow White videos, but I still need to re-connect other documents with their videos...
> I am glad to know that you enjoy the videos and use them too - Darline Clark-Gunsauls did a great job telling the stories in ASL...
> I will write again when they are available, hopefully soon - I believe I can do it today if I do not get distracted (smile) -
> meanwhile, if you want Snow White videos they are there now:
> Snow White with Videos
> Val ;-)
> -----
> On Feb 8, 2013, at 12:49 AM, Honza <honza at RUCE.CZ> wrote:
>> Hi Val and list,
>> what's wrong with the Goldilock video? It doesnot work on the site.
>> Check it here: 
>> I would like to use it in lessons, but it doesnot work anymore
>> thanks
>> Honza



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