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Thu Jan 9 22:35:44 UTC 2014

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January 9, 2014

Hello Yosra, Dale, André and Jonathan -
This is all very exciting and thank you, Yosra, for working on the Avatar program…and thanks to you all -

The last message that was sent to the SignWriting List somehow got stuck in the ListServe software that runs the SignWriting List…The attached file did not post correctly on the List. Was it a video, Yosra, regarding your Avatar? Normally we can post videos to the List, but for whatever reason, this one does not seem to be working, so could you write your message again with a link where we can see your attachment on your web site instead?

The ListServe software sent me an automatic message asking me to “Free SW-L”, which means that it stopped all messages until the List Manager, namely me, freed the List from the log jam - I just did that and I believe the List is working again -

If this message posts to the List then the List should be working -

Val ;-)



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