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Hi friends on the List

the LREC seem to be focussing on non-manual notations this year and are
calling for papers...

I immediately thought of the work of Stefan..(the mouth-pattern-writing of
Why don't you try to show the success of this system Stefan, that
originated from SW but has been adapted by you - or if you have no time for
it, as I've heard you are a busy teacher why not try to team up with
someone and write the paper together?

Or anyone else naturally who has used SW for non-manual notation-  I know
there are a few interested in avatar technology and SW, etc...

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Subject: Fwd: [SLLS] CfP: 6th LREC Workshop on the Representation and
Processing of Sign Languages: Beyond the Manual Channel
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From: Onno Crasborn <o.crasborn at let.ru.nl>
Date: 8 January 2014 10:51
Subject: [SLLS] CfP: 6th LREC Workshop on the Representation and Processing
of Sign Languages: Beyond the Manual Channel
To: slls-list at slls.eu

6th Workshop on the Representation and Processing of Sign Languages: Beyond
the Manual Channel

Abstracts are invited for a full day workshop on those aspects of sign
language resources that go beyond the manual channels, to take place
following the 2014 LREC conference on Saturday, May 31st, 2014.

Non-manual features like facial expressions, mouth actions, head and body
movements have all received extensive attention in the linguistic
Recent technological developments allow sign language researchers to create
relatively large video corpora of sign language use that were unimaginable
ten years ago. Several national projects are currently underway, and more
are planned. However, most corpus enterprises concentrate on annotation of
the manual channels. This workshop aims to share experiences from current
and past efforts. What are the problems that were encountered and the
solutions created for recording, transcribing, annotating, and analyzing
non-manual features? What are the linguistic decisions taken? The special
focus of this workshop is on the coding of these non-manual aspects of
signing as well as on tools related to this topic. We invite abstracts for
20-minutes papers or posters (with or without demonstrations) on the
following topics:

• Best practices for coding non-manual aspects of signing
• Proposals for standards for linguistic annotation of non-manuals
• Experiences from linguistic research using corpus data on non-manuals
• Non-manuals in translation studies sign language eLearning
• Advances in avatar technology for non-manuals
• Automatic annotation and recognition of non-manuals

Papers of both oral/signed presentations and posters (4-8 pages) of this
workshop will be published as workshop proceedings published on the
conference website.

Please submit your abstract through the LREC START system at
https://www.softconf.com/lrec2014/SignLanguage/ not later than Feb 6th.

When submitting a paper from the START page, authors will be asked to
provide essential information about resources (in a broad sense, i.e. also
technologies, standards, evaluation kits, etc.) that have been used for the
work described in the paper or are a new result of your research. Moreover,
ELRA encourages all LREC authors to share the described LRs (data,
tools, services, etc.), to enable their reuse, replicability of
experiments, including evaluation ones, etc.

The workshop languages are English and International Sign: With financial
support from the LREC conference and other institutions, the oral/signed
presentations will be interpreted into International Sign. The
International Sign interpreters will also be around for the poster sessions
to help out where necessary. Deaf participants who prefer to bring
interpreters for their national sign language are kindly encouraged to do
so and to contact us well ahead of time so that we can plan the room

For more information, have a look at the workshop website at

Organising Committee: Onno Crasborn, Eleni Efthimiou, Evita Fotinea, Thomas
Hanke, Julie Hochgesang, Jette Kristoffersen, Johanna Mesch
Organising Committee email address: lrec2014 (at) dgskorpus.de

Dr. O.A. Crasborn

Department of Linguistics & Centre for Language Studies
Radboud University Nijmegen
PO Box 9103, NL-6500 HD Nijmegen, Netherlands


T +31 24 3611377
F +31 24 3611070

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