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I agree that we should contribute an article to this encyclopedia. For me it would fit under Sign Language Phonetics as the whole HOLMES system is made into an iconographic system within SW. 

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Sad to see that there is nothing about SL Writing or SL Graphic Representation (I don't only think about SW, but also abour HamNoSys, Stokoe Notation etc.) and nothing about Iconicity (as the Cuxac point of view) :-(

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>Subject: CALL FOR AUTHORS: The Deaf Studies Encyclopedia/SAGE Reference
>Date: January 24, 2014 at 10:56:15 AM PST
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>We are inviting academic editorial contributors to participate in
>The Deaf Studies Encyclopedia, a new 3-volume reference to be
>published by SAGE Reference in 2015.
>*This list of linguistic-related topics currently available for
>assignment follows below.*
>The deadline for submissions is April 14, 2014.
>The encyclopedia will marketed to academic and public libraries as a
>print and digital product available to students via the library’s
>electronic services. The General Editors, who will be reviewing each
>submission to the project are Dr. Genie Gertz and Dr. Patrick
>Boudreault, Gallaudet University.
>If you are interested in contributing to this cutting-edge reference,
>it can be a notable publication addition to your CV/resume and broaden
>your publishing credits. SAGE Publications offers an honorarium
>ranging from SAGE book credits for smaller articles up to a free set
>of the printed product for contributions totaling 10,000 words or
>more. Your name and affiliation will also appear in the byline of your
>entry(ies) in the final publication.
>If you would like to contribute to building a truly outstanding
>reference with The Deaf Studies Encyclopedia, please contact me by the
>email information below. Please provide me with your CV or a brief
>summary of your academic/publishing credentials in related disciplines
>as well as your selections from the list of topics. I will confirm
>availability of your selections and provide you with Submission
>Guidelines and a sample article for your review.
>Thanks very much.
>Lisbeth Rogers
>Director of Author Management
>deafstudies at
>Available topics including word count/length of entry:
>Language Research: Post 2000 (e.g., Hamburg Center, UCSD, VL2) 2600
>Languages: Natural (e.g., ASL, LSF, MSL, RSL) 3900
>Linguistic and Human Rights: Convention of the Rights of the Child 1200
>Linguistic and Human Rights: Declaration on the Rights of the Person
>Belonging to
>National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities (e.g.,
>Articles 1.: 2.: & 4.) 1900
>Linguistic and Human Rights: UN Convention on Genocide (E793, 1948)
>(e.g., Article II€, Article II(b), Linguistic Genocide by TSK) 1900
>Linguistic and Human Rights: UNESCO Education Paper Position  1900
>Linguistic and Human Rights: Universal Declaration on Cultural
>Diversity (e.g., UNESCO) 1900
>Linguistics: Cognitive 1900
>Linguistics: Creativity and Creative Use (e.g., Valli’s Thesis) 1200
>Linguistics: Discourse 1900
>Linguistics: Facial Grammar 1900
>Linguistics: Morphology 2100
>Linguistics: Phonetics 2900
>Linguistics: Structuralism 1900
>Psycholinguistics: Development & Benefits 1900
>Psycholinguistics: Pre-Post Lingual 900
>Sign Language Teaching: Certifications 1200
>Sign Language Teaching: Controversy 2100
>Sign Language Teaching: Materials (e.g., SL Dictionary, Online, SL
>Textbooks) 1500
>Sign Language: Central America (e.g., Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala,
>Honduras) 1000
>Sign Language: Central Asia (e.g., “Stans”) 1000
>Sign Language: Cyrillic Fingerspelling (e.g., RSL) 1000
>Sign Language: Eastern Africa (e.g., Ethiopia, Rwanda, Seychelles) 1000
>Sign Language: History and Recognition 2500
>Sign Language: Middle Africa (e.g., Cameroon, Congo) 1000
>Sign Language: Northern Africa (e.g., Algeria, Egypt: Sudan) 1000
>Sign Language: Northern America (e.g., Canada, U.S.) 2500
>Sign Language: Northern Europe (e.g., Estonia, Finland, etc.) 2000
>Sign Language: Oceania (e.g., Australia, New Zealand, Polynesia, etc) 1000
>Sign Language: Southern Africa (e.g., South Africa, Swaziland) 1000
>Sign Language: Southern Europe (e.g., Croatia, Greece, Italy, Spain) 1500
>Sign Language: Two-Handed Fingerspelling 900
>Sign Language: Western Africa (e.g., Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal, Mali) 1000
>Sign Language: Western Europe (e.g., Austria, Germany, France) 2500
>Sign Systems : Sim-Com  1200
>Signed Literature: ABC Stories 1200
>Signed Literature: An Overview of Genres 2000
>Signed Literature: Humor  1200
>Signed Literature: SLAM 900
>Signed Literature: Stories 1900
>Sociolinguistics: Dialects/Regionalisms 1900
>Sociolinguistics: Ethnic variety 1200
>Sociolinguistics: International Signs & Gestuno 1900
>Sociolinguistics: Language Attitude 1900
>Sociolinguistics: Language Contact of Spoken Languages 1500
>Sociolinguistics: Language Contact within Home Signs and Gestures 1900
>Sociolinguistics: Language Contact within International Signs/Gestuno  1500
>Sociolinguistics: Latin Fingerspelling (e.g., LSF, ASL, DGS) 1200
>Sociolinguistics: Multi-signed languages countries (e.g., LSQ-ASL,
>Flemish SL- LSB [Belgium]) 1900
>Sociolinguistics: Registers 1200
>Sociolinguistics: Sign Language Migration & Geography 2000
>Sociolinguistics: Signing in the classroom 2100
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