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July 9, 2014

Hello SignWriting Symposium Presenters…

How do you PRESENT?

1. Use Google Chrome. Download it:

2. Please have headphones. I still have to buy a pair. Does anyone have a suggestion about headphones?

3. Please send us your videos and slides soon. We can possibly show your video or slides as a part of your live presentation, but we need to place them in YouTube and link them to your web page first…so we can do a screen share during the presentation.

4. Sign up for Google Plus. Problems signing up for Google Plus? Write to us (Adam Frost and me) to ask for help and we will walk you through the process. Our email address:

symposium at


sutton at

5. Adam sent you all an email. Did you get it?  Adam invited you to join the Google Circle for the Symposium…not all of you have joined…you need to join to be able to present...

6. Let’s schedule a rehearsal…write to us with a time and day that is good for you -

The Symposium is only 10 days away!

We look forward to seeing your presentations….

Val ;-)



SignWriting Symposium 2014
STREAMED LIVE FOR 4 DAYS: July 21-24, 2014
Invite everyone to watch the SignWriting Symposium!
Give them this link for the viewing schedule:
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SignWriting Symposium 2014 
Transmitido ao vivo por 4 dias: 21-24 julho de 2014
Convide todos para assistir ao SignWriting Simpósio! 
Dê-lhes este link para visualizar a programação:
Como assistir 40 APRESENTAÇOES de 12 países


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