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        Watch the SignWriting Symposium, July 21-24. Four Days of Live Streaming...FREE TO EVERYONE!! Starts on Monday.

    Day 1 of the SignWriting Symposium

        SignWriting Symposium 2014... 4 Days of Live Streaming...FREE TO EVERYONE!!

WATCH PRESENTATIONS DAY 1, JULY 21 ... Go to this link:

8:00 PDT, 15:00 UTC, Welcome!
Day 1 Opening Message by Moderators & Valerie Sutton

8:30 PDT, 15:30 UTC, Presentation 1
"Implementation into the SWORD project of observations arising from the process of users'
appropriating and adapting SignWriting" by Claudia Bianchini FRANCE & Fabrizio Borgia ITALY 

9:15 PDT, 16:15 UTC, Presentation 2
"Wöhrmann's SpeechWriting used within SignWriting Documents Teaches Deaf Students
Spoken Language" by Stefan Wöhrmann GERMANY

10:00 PDT, 17:00 UTC, Presentation 3
"Ways to Write Sign Languages by Hand with SignWriting." by Adam Frost USA

10:45 PDT, 17:45 UTC, Presentation 4
"SWift, a user-centered digital editor for SignWriting within the SWORD project."
by Claudia Bianchini FRANCE & Fabrizio Borgia and Maria De Marsico ITALY

11:30 PDT, 18:30 UTC, Prese...



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