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SignWriting List
July 18, 2014

Dear SignWriting List Members -

The SignWriting Symposium starts in two days!

Monday morning early, July 21st, Adam Frost, Steve Slevinski and I will open the Google Hangout to start broadcasting and 10 wonderful presentations will be presented live, one after the other, each around 20 to 30 minutes with questions and answers.

42 presenters will present a total of 40 presentations over a period of 4 days, from 12 countries…

Each presentation is captured on a web page documenting each project’s papers, videos, slides, abstracts and authors…

Visit their web pages any time to read their materials, one by one, page by page, starting with:

Presentation 1

and link to the next, and the next and the next presentation…by clicking on the navigation arrows to go to the next page...

Here is a PDF of the Symposium schedule, with links in the PDF to each web page...

Anyone can view the Symposium presentations for free, by going to these viewers’  links on each day, starting Monday:


DAY 1, JULY 21 ... To Watch go to:

DAY 2, JULY 22 ... To Watch go to:

DAY 3, JULY 23 ... To Watch go to:

DAY 4, JULY 24 ... To Watch go to:

Valerie Sutton
sutton at


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