Great experience!

Maria De Marsico demarsico at DI.UNIROMA1.IT
Mon Jul 28 09:35:57 UTC 2014

Dear Valerie,
I want to thank you even on behalf of all my groups (Claudia and Fabrizio)
fro the gerat even you organized. I can only imagine the efforts and work
We were honoured to be able to present our work. Though hard for the lack
of resources, we are proud of it. However, nothing would have been possible
without a person like you espousing the opening of new possibilities for
people using SLs as their first language. As I often said you, I like using
the expression"climbing on the giants' shoulders" and in this case the
giant is you!

Thank you also to all those who made this possible, especially Adam and the
other interpreters who was so busy in translation ;-)
We know that this is a very hard work to perform.

Hope to have further occasions to meet you!

Maria De Marsico
Assistant professor
Sapienza University of Rome
Department of Computer Science
Via Salaria 113 - 00198 Rome - Italy
email: demarsico at
tel: +39 06 49918312



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