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July 29, 2014

Hello Jonathan and everyone -

It is great to know that you took the time to watch approximately 15 hours of presentations streamed live, Jonathan!

Thank you for your participation as well…

I am sending out certificates today and for the next week, only to performers (presenters) and interpreters who interpreted the event…smile… It is slow to send them through email, because there are 68 certificates total. Although we had 42 presenters and 4 interpreters, some presenters performed in more than one presentation, and they will be receiving a certificate for each presentation in which they participated (except the interpreters will receive one certificate each for the entire Symposium)…so I have 68 certificates to create and send!

So the certificates will take time…I am sending out Day 1’s certificates today (I hope)…

And of course doing the captions for 32 hours of streaming will take time too, unless a lot of people wish to donate time or funds…Adam will be doing some of the captioning, in-between other work, but he will be returning to teaching full-time soon…the summer (here in the US) is coming to a close and schools start their Fall season in mid-August here...

...thank you to those who have sent the transcripts of their own presentations - that is a great blessing and it means your presentations will probably be captioned sooner than the others…

This has been an incredible experience!

And it is an on-going experience too…I plan to still post documents and photos I did not finish before the Symposium, and yes, I plan to fix up our web site, which needs my attention ;-)

It is a gorgeous sunny day here in San Diego - I wish you all sunny days too!

Val ;-)


On Jul 29, 2014, at 5:58 AM, Jonathan Duncan <duncanjonathan at YAHOO.CA> wrote:

> Thank you to all the presenters at the Symposium and everybody who worked so hard to make it a success.  So far I have been able to watch the first two days and have enjoyed it very much.
> Regards, 
> Jonathan



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