need your help with spoken language translations

Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Mon May 12 15:41:34 UTC 2014

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May 12, 2014

Many thanks to all of you who have provided the spoken language translations. It is greatly appreciated!

I have now posted the new German, French, Italian and Arabic translations on this web page:

When you visit this web page, be sure to Refresh or Reload your browser, to see the new translations posted.

If I made any errors, or if you can see a way to improve anything, please tell me - I am a little concerned about the Arabic - Ryan, or other Arabic speakers, please check to be sure the html code has properly displayed the Arabic - many thanks.

And as you can see, we still need help with Portuguese, Spanish and Slovenian -

Thank you for your kind words, Stefan. And Jule, I am happy to meet you - thank you for the French translation... smile - and Claudia and Fabrizio, no problem with the corrections to your Abstract - I just have to figure it out and I will get back to you for your approval…it may take a few days...

Everyone - as you may have seen already, we have another new web page:

Presentations, Search by Author’s Last Name

This page lists all the presenters and presentation titles…. Thank you for all your titles...there are 38 presentations and 39 presenters... 

I am working on linking to your web pages for your presentations and Abstracts now, but it will take a few weeks… what a great delight to read all your Abstracts - 

Did you all know that originally I had hoped for a SignWriting Symposium here on the beach in La Jolla, California? smile… we didn’t have the funds to back that up...

I want to thank Steve Slevinski for helping us move to the free and open SignWriting Symposium Online - It was an excellent choice and makes it possible for 39 presenters to participate. If we were on the beach…well... most people wouldn’t be able to afford the plane fare!

The Online Sympsosium will be now become a July tradition online…and the Web Archive will be so useful for all SignWriting users...

THANK YOU everyone - It is a pleasure to work with you -

Val ;-)



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