Format of SW Symposium Proceedings Book - what format do you want?

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September 16, 2014

Claudia, Fabrizio, Maria, Erika and everyone -

Is there a particular format for the Proceedings books of conferences and symposiums that is particularly important for academia?

Can you point me to a Proceedings book for another conference or symposium that you really like?

I could base the format of our new Proceedings book on the formats you feel are acceptable to the academic professions…

There are so many ways to go about such a book, that I wanted to know what seems like a good format to follow -

If you know of one posted online, give me the link to see what it looks like -

Many thanks!

I enjoy doing book layout and we could simply have everyone’s abstracts and bios and photos, or we can also include your papers too…

How much should be included into the book? It could be hundreds of pages if we include the published papers as well, but that is fine if that is good for the world -

Val ;-)



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