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August 10, 2015

Thank you Steve and Stefan, for these interesting discussions…I noticed Steve mentioned an article in The SignPost on Wikipedia.org <http://wikipedia.org/>, so I clicked on the link below - I am happy they expressed interest in the new software developments and wanted more explanation - and thank you Yair, for creating the keyboard…Adam taught me a little on Saturday and I can type a little bit now ;-)

We just need some instruction materials and a group of motivated skilled signers who would like to write articles in the ASL Wikipedia…that is coming I am sure…

Thanks again for all these tools for the future!

Val ;-)


> On Aug 10, 2015, at 6:59 AM, Stephen E Slevinski Jr <slevin at signpuddle.net> wrote:
> I am so excited for the Rand-Keyboard and for increased activity on Incubator for all sign languages.  I wrote about the Yair's keyboard development for the Wikipedia Signpost as a suggested story.  If anyone wants to help me polish the story, I'd appreciate it.
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Wikipedia_Signpost/Newsroom/Suggestions#Sign_language_Wikipedia_projects_on_Incubator_move_forward_with_keyboard_editor <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Wikipedia_Signpost/Newsroom/Suggestions#Sign_language_Wikipedia_projects_on_Incubator_move_forward_with_keyboard_editor>  



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