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February 23, 2015

Hello Steve and everyone -

Thank you, Steve, for announcing our plans to hold a SignWriting Symposium Online 2015 …

We were talking about using the same dates as in 2014, July 21-24…

And we were also discussing the idea of having a smaller Symposium with fewer presentations. As you know, the 2014 Symposium had 40 presentations from 12 countries and 42 presenters, and 32 hours of recorded video...

I apologize to everyone that I am so late in editing and captioning your 2014 presentation-videos, finishing your presentation web pages, and publishing the 2014 Proceedings. I still plan to do it all.

So please know we want to be very professional and give you all the proper and expected support for your presentations. 

It appears with Steve’s and André’s messages, we already have three presentations on the docket…

Presentations SW Symposium 2015

1. "SignText 2015" by Steve Slevinski

2. "SignWriting Software for Power Users" by Steve Slevinski

3. "Using SignWriter Studio for Anki Cards & Dictionaries" by André Lemyre

or whatever titles you all want - you tell us the titles you want to use…

you all are welcome to write with titles for your own presentations...

I will get to an announcement out in March….

Val ;-)


> On Feb 23, 2015, at 9:24 AM, Stephen E Slevinski Jr <slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET> wrote:
> Hi List,
> Last year, I believe our SignWriting Symposium 2014 was a tremendous success.  It is a great resource I enjoy referencing.
> I hope we can have another symposium in 2015.  Even though Val hasn't formally announced the next symposium, I would invite everyone in the SignWriting family to think about ideas for papers, videos, or presentations to tell us more about their work.
> I do not believe we will have the 40 hours of live broadcasting again, but something more reasonable live 20 hours should be feasible.   Every presenter will have their own presentation page with links to their papers, videos, and presentation material.  If we have too many presentations for the live broadcast, some presenters will need to send prepared videos of their presentation, which Val will announce during the symposium with links to the source material.
> I really enjoyed learning about everyone's work during our last symposium.  I look forward to another chance this year to learn even more.
> This year, I am planning 2 presentations.  The first is aimed at a general audience and will highlight the new SignText that is currently under development, along with the supporting fonts, tools, and standards.  The second is aimed at power users and will cover the data formats and how to write advanced search queries by hand.
> Regards,
> -Steve



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