[Sw-l] SignWriting in Unicode 8 documentation on Wikipedia

Stephen E Slevinski Jr slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Tue Jul 21 21:06:19 UTC 2015

Hi Eduardo,

I just mentioned you on the SignWriting Symposium today during the 
SignWriting Stack presentation.

> If I use "Sutton SignWriting (Unicode block)", which code points should
> be used for the coordinate and structural characters?

My fonts and libraries support Unicode 8, but I do not use it personally.

For the fonts, the 37,811 glyphs are stored on Plane 16.  Each glyph 
gets it's own code.

The Unicode 8 specification is supported with ligatures.  Each symbol is 
identified by 1 to 3 Unicode characters.  These sequences are mapped as 
ligatures to the plane 16 glyphs.

For data storage, we use Formal SignWriting, as ASCII data.  This FSW is 
transformed into SVG structure and plane 16 glyphs.

The plane 15 encoding is still supported today.  Your experimental font 
is still available and valid.

If you are going to use Unicode 8, you would need to augment that with 
part of the ASCII characters of Formal SignWriting or the characters on 
plane 15.  For the font work, the plane 15 characters would probably be 
best.  But I'd just use the plane 15 encoding entirely and forget Unicode 8.

> http://signpuddle.net/mediawiki/index.php/MSW:Text_Encoding#8.B._Repertoire_and_Coded_Character_Set
Yes, that is still valid.  You can see the same encoding, along with the 
others in the internet draft.




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