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Mike Fryer mike at MIKEFRYER.CO.UK
Mon Apr 11 09:33:24 UTC 2016

Hi Valerie

Several years ago you kindly commented on (and showed) one of my prints that featured Sign Spelling with each character set within brightly coloured circles. I will write about this print soon (I have an exhibition coming up so am extremely busy) – I promise! 

However, there is a more pressing need in that in our church we have a Deaf lady who at the moment is unable to use her hearing aids and is therefore dependent on lip reading which is not so good (we do not have anyone to sign and I am not sure she knows signing anyway). We have been experimenting with programs to hear the spoken word and display it as English text on a monitor (e,g, Dragon Dictate/Nuance) but the program does not work very well, this could be because the 'training' of the program is with a normal voice and not a 'preaching' voice (?)

So my very simple question is, does anyone know of a program that will do this better – surely this has been tried and there must be the technology?

I hope someone on the list can help?

Best wishes

Mike Fryer



Valerie Sutton
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