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April 25, 2016

SignWriting Symposium 2016
http://www.signwriting.org/symposium/2016/Call_For_Papers.html <http://www.signwriting.org/symposium/2016/Call_For_Papers.html>

CALL FOR PAPERS! <http://www.signwriting.org/symposium/2016/Call_For_Papers.html#SWS-2016>
LIVE ONLINE July 18-21, 2016
Abstracts & Papers, Slides & Video Presentations on
SignWriting in Education, Literature, Software & Research

The purpose of the SignWriting Symposium Online is to bring people together to share SignWriting projects, not only during the Live Presentation July 18-21, 2016, but also in a Symposium Web Archive <http://www.signwriting.org/symposium/authors.html> that will remain on the web for future generations.


Submit Abstract Title & Category by May 4th, 2016

Submit One-Page Abstract <http://www.signwriting.org/symposium/2016/Call_For_Papers.html#Abstracts2016> by June 8, 2016

Submit Presentation <http://www.signwriting.org/symposium/2016/Call_For_Papers.html#Presentations2016> by July 6, 2016

Online live presentation: July 18-21, 2016

There are no limits to the amount of presentations one author can submit. Feel free to submit as many as you wish.

1. One-Page Abstract due: June 8, 2016

2. At the top of your abstract, please state:

a. TITLE of presentation
c. AFFILIATIONS of authors (if no affiliations, leave blank)
d. CONTACT INFO (email, web, affiliation address, country)
e. LANGUAGES used in presentation, both sign and spoken languages (can be presented in multiple languages)
f. STATE A CATEGORY that best fits your submission:

• SignWriting in Education
• SignWriting in Literature
• SignWriting in Software
• SignWriting in Research

3. Send your Abstract to these 2 email addresses:

sutton at signwriting.org <mailto:sutton at signwriting.org>
 <mailto:frost at signwriting.org>

slevinski at signwriting.org <mailto:slevinski at signwriting.org>
4. Acceptance notices will be sent after your Abstract is received and reviewed.

5. Abstracts will be posted on a SWS-2016 web page.


1. Presentations due: July 6, 2016

2. Your presentation can be ANY length you choose, just as long as it is about SignWriting.

3. There are three Presentation Venues: written papers, slide presentations and video presentations.

a. Written Papers accepted in the following formats:
• .pdf
• .doc
• .docx
• .txt
• .rtf
• .rtfd

b. Slide Presentations accepted in the following programs:
• PowerPoint
• Keynote

c. Video Presentations accepted in the following formats:
• .mov
• .avi
• .wmv
• Flash
• WebM
• MPEG-4

4. Software demonstrations through download links can also accompany any of the above three venues.

5. You can present in one, two or all of the above three venues.


You are welcome to join us live to present your work, on the web in Google Hangouts, on the Symposium dates: July 18-21, 2016. We will send you a schedule and you can choose the time and day that is best for you. Each live presentation is one hour, and you can present from your own computer at home or while traveling. We will give you instruction where to go online to present, and can setup a rehearsal a week before.

When you submit your papers, abstracts, videos and slides, your work will be posted for you on your own Presentation Web Page, including your bio. After the live presentation is over, we will post the video of your presentation on your web page too. Visitors will be able to see your video and read your papers and see your slides for years to come.

We look forward to reading and viewing your work with SignWriting, and we hope to meet you in July 2016 online!


Valerie Sutton <mailto:sutton at signwriting.org>
SWS-2016 Chair

Steve Slevinski <mailto:slevinski at signwriting.org>
SWS-2016 Chair

Adam Frost <mailto:frost at signwriting.org>
SWS-2016 Chair

Nancy Romero <http://www.aslgospel.org/>
SWS-2016 Chair

Symposium Submissions
send to: 
sutton at signwriting.org <mailto:sutton at signwriting.org>
slevinski at signwriting.org
 <mailto:slevinski at signwriting.org>
SignWriting Symposium Web Site
http://www.signwriting.org/symposium <http://www.signwriting.org/symposium>
SignWriting Symposium 2014
http://www.signwriting.org/symposium/2014 <http://www.signwriting.org/symposium/2014>
SignWriting Symposium 2015
http://www.signwriting.org/symposium/2015 <http://www.signwriting.org/symposium/2015>
SignWriting Symposium 2016
http://www.signwriting.org/symposium/2016 <http://www.signwriting.org/symposium/2016>

SignWriting Symposium on YouTube
https://www.youtube.com/user/signwriting <https://www.youtube.com/user/signwriting>
SignWriting Symposium on Google+
https://plus.google.com/+SignWritingOrg/videos <https://plus.google.com/+SignWritingOrg/videos>
SignWriting Symposium on Facebook
https://www.facebook.com/signwritingmeetup <https://www.facebook.com/signwritingmeetup>



Valerie Sutton
SignWriting List moderator
sutton at signwriting.org

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