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Wow, love all the new innovations. I would like to learn the keyboard for SignWriting. R. H.  Dettloff 

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SignWriting ListFebruary 15, 2016
There are two instruction manuals in progress, for the RAND SignWriting Keyboard.
Both Dali Balti and I are writing manuals, and in time we may combine the two, but it is important that we write instruction for this marvelous new development.
So here are the links to the two manuals. Both are still being written, and more pages will be added later:
RAND SignWriting Keyboard Instruction Manual 1 (only first 4 pages so far)http://www.signwriting.org/archive/docs12/sw1185_RAND_SignWriting_Keyboard_Instruction_Manual_Rand_Balti_Sutton_2016.pdf
RAND SignWriting Keyboard Instruction Manual 2 by Mohamed Ali Dali Baltihttp://www.signwriting.org/archive/docs12/sw1178_RAND_Keyboard_For_SignWriting_Instruction_Manual_Dali_Balti.pdf
Many thanks to Yair Rand and Dali Balti for this work, which is so exciting.
There are also links to both manuals and the four sign language Wikipedias on this web page:
SignWriting Encyclopedia Projectshttp://www.signwriting.org/encyclopedia/
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