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Sun Nov 5 22:04:15 UTC 2017

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November 5, 2017

Hello everyone -

If you are interested in updating your software....

We are no longer using the older software, such as SignWriter DOS, although some people still do, using another program called DOSBox.

Today, just go to this web page:

SignWriting Software
http://www.signwriting.org/downloads/ <http://www.signwriting.org/downloads/>

You will find several programs... SignPuddle Online, SignMaker 2015, DELEGS software, SignWriter Studio ... all of them are free... ask questions on the SignWriting List about how to use them...

and we are updating the free software all the time -

There are also new programs under development, such as a new "SignWriter Studio Quick Editor on the Web" developed by Jonathan Duncan (thank you, Jonathan), and Steve Slevinski is working on a new SignMaker 2017, and also SignPuddle 3... and new font development too ... (thank you Steve)...

We also have a javascript keyboard for typing SignWriting in Wikipedias by Yair Rand (thank you Yair ;-)

So write here on the List with questions on how to use the software....

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton
SignWriting List moderator
sutton at signwriting.org

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