[Sw-l] Steve's Friday Update for December 2018: closing out the year

Stephen Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Fri Dec 7 19:59:36 UTC 2018

Hi SignWriting List,

Here is my SignWriting report for December 2018.  I updated two servers, 
finish my presentation for the SignWriting Symposium, documented the big 
idea, and offer everyone the SignPuddle 2 software.

Server Update
The servers are safe for another few years.

I administer two sets of servers.  The first is for the Center for 
Sutton Movement Writing non-profit.  This powers the SignWriting sites, 
SignPuddle sites, and other websites in the Sutton Movement Writing family.

The second set of servers use the Wikimedia Cloud VPS.  This month I 
needed to rebuild the servers that support the sign language Wikipedias 
on Incubator.  These servers also support SignWriting for users within 
the Wikimedia projects.

SignWriting Symposium 2018
I've finished my presentation for the 2018 SignWriting Symposium. The 
"SignWriting Vision 2030" presentation page will be available soon.

The big idea on IdeaLab
I created an idea page for SignWriting on Wikimedia IdeaLab.   I 
outlined the cultural, technical, and financial issues involved. This is 
the scope of the problem as I see it and the solutions available.  The 
page is my initial draft without review.  If you can use MediaWiki 
software, consider endorsing or participating in the idea.  A talk page 
is available for feedback, review, questions, and ideas.

Closing out 2018 and SignPuddle 2
In the spirit of the season and closing out 2018, I'd like to offer 
everyone the SignPuddle 2 software.

Here are the instructions for Windows.

# 1) PersonalPuddle for Windows

# 2) Patch for 2017

# 3) User interface of choice
(# as resource number).

# 4) One or more Dictionary, Literature, of Encyclopaedia collections
(# as resource number).

Download # 1 and unzip to the hard drive or to a large enough USB drive.
Download # 2 and unzip. Copy the individual files to the *puddle/www* 
directory to replace the older files.
Download any of files #3 or #4 and move these files to the 
*puddle/www/import* directory

Now run the "Start_Server.bat" as administrator. This should be 
available by using the right mouse button.
If you want to use PersonalPuddle on your internal network, you will 
want to let it go through the Windows firewall. You should be prompted 
by the operating system.

Once you start the server, a browser window should open. Otherwise, open 
any browser and point to the URL: http://localhost

When in the SignPuddle application, go to the "Import" button on the 
left. You will need to import each of the files (#3 and #4) one at a 
time. The import will take a few minutes for large files. Your patience 
will be rewarded.

Note that when importing the user interface, you will want to replace 
the existing English user interface.

2018 was a great year and I look forward to 2019 and all of our work 

Warmest Regards,



Valerie Sutton
SignWriting List moderator
sutton at signwriting.org

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