[Sw-l] Wonderful Lareen

Pel Tini tinipel at BELL.NET
Sat Dec 15 16:51:40 UTC 2018

Thank you so much for the good wishe for Christmas and the    new year Lareen.
 You know what I am still getting e- mail under you name,  and each time I am in doubt I sure wish, we could get together !!!!!!!!!

So nice Lareen that you are teaching ,your family in good health and above all  being happy in what you are doing. How is Cec doing, still teaching part time?

A good thing you kept the farm while you where living in Hamilton, it must be peaceful there. as long no problems with bears and wolfs? We had some in Gore Bay and lots of deer.

We are happy living in Stratford opposite the Festival park , Romeo str S. corner house with red and white shutters  can’t miss it !!!!!!!! In case………..
To bad your f.amly living so far away eh
We are happy being close to the family. we see Robert every day except week-ends for lunch.. You won’t recognize him anymore with his medium size beard and moustache  brrrrrrrrrrrrr He is managing his M.S. and is fully involved again with  Stage managing, sometimes away between 6 to 8 weeks at a time  - Winnipeg his steady one - then several heathers iin P.E.I.
I am still teaching with the  A.B.W   4 classes each week and the two seniors.
Mr. Pel bussy doing jobs  at Rob’s house for the moment making a stand so Rob can do his own work repairing and cleaning his motorcycle so life goes on. with Jonathan and Fletcher watching us from our centre table in our living room.
Oh Lareen we are living so far apart when can we see each other. Mr Pel is told not to drive when dark and I can’t anymore eye problems brrrr.
Close to lunch have to prepare
 with return hugs , peace and love to you and your family, you may now be on your way to see yours.

Have a great Christmas and a successful in everything during 2019, Oh yes Tommorow is Mr. Pel’s 90 st birthday and I to follow 89 on the 24th. Not bad eh????

Bye for now

mts. Pel



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